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Axel Axelsson (1854-1892)  - A Day in Venice, 1892
Axel Axelsson (1854-1892)  - A Day in Venice, 1892 - Paintings & Drawings Style Axel Axelsson (1854-1892)  - A Day in Venice, 1892 - Axel Axelsson (1854-1892)  - A Day in Venice, 1892 -
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Axel Axelsson (1854-1892)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 5.51 inch X H. 9.45 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Axel Axelsson (1854-1892)  - A Day in Venice, 1892 19th century - Axel Axelsson (1854-1892)  - A Day in Venice, 1892
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Axel Axelsson (1854-1892) - A Day in Venice, 1892

Axel Axelsson (Axelson) (1854-1892) Sweden

A Day in Venice, 1892

oil on canvas
signed and dated
unframed 24 x 14 cm (9.45 x 5.51 inches)
framed 28 x 18.5 cm (11.02 x 7.28 inches)


This captivating painting by Axel Axelsson (1854-1892), titled "A Day in Venice, 1892", illustrates a moment in Venice in the year 1892. Within the compact dimensions of 24 x 14 cm, Axelson masterfully captures the tasks of daily life in Venice during that time. The scene is centered around a woman drawing water from a well, surrounded by chickens pecking at the ground, which adds a touch of liveliness to the painting. The background features a hanging lamp with blue glass, while a staircase leads the viewer's eye upwards, hinting at unseen spaces and stories beyond.

The courtyard setting is rich with detail: wooden shutters slightly ajar in the upper windows, with laundry hanging to dry, whispering tales of the lives within. A birdcage placed between the windows serves as a charming detail.
Despite the painting's modest size, Axelson's skill in capturing details and atmosphere is evident, showcasing his expertise in architectural and interior motifs.

Axelsson's journey as an artist took him across Europe and North Africa after his studies at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts between 1872 and 1876. Primarily focusing on architectural motifs and church interiors, his works often feature scenes from Venice, Rome, and the Rhine region. His participation in the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts' exhibitions in 1885 and 1887, and his connection to the Lill-Jans artist circle—mentioned in August Strindberg's novel "The Red Room"—highlighting that he was an important artist of his time, unfortunately he is today almost forgotten.

Axelsson's paintings are held in prestigious collections such as the National Museum in Stockholm, Norrköping's Art Museum, and the Gothenburg Museum of Art.

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