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Jean SEIGNEMARTIN ( 1848 - 1960) - Landscape and animals (1868)
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Jean SEIGNEMARTIN ( 1848 - 1960)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 13.39 inch X H. 19.29 inch
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Old painting (XIXth century)

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Jean SEIGNEMARTIN ( 1848 - 1960) - Landscape and animals (1868)

He studied with Guichard at the École des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, where he was awarded the Laurier d'Or. His career began in a studio he shared with Vernay, a fervent supporter of his colorist gifts; together they painted numerous landscapes in the Lyon countryside and still lifes. During the 1870 war, he was assigned to the Compagnie des Pontonniers in Paris, where he contracted a fluxion of the chest from which he never recovered. He then took up his brushes again, painting landscapes on the banks of the Rhône in Écully, then in Voiron, portraits and flowers. Deciding to go to Algeria for treatment, he painted warm, colorful views there, marked above all by white effects and scenes of daily life; unfortunately, he died there at the age of twenty-seven.
Today, some of the artist's finest portraits remain, including that of his friend and patron Dr. R. Tripié. Tripié, and admirable bouquets of flowers, in which he excels at rendering the warmth and tactile sensuality of enamel-toned corollas. Some of the effects of his paste, kneaded with light, have the richness and brilliance of Delacroix, for whom Seignemartin had a veritable cult.
cult. The Musée de Lyon owns several of his works, notably those painted in Algiers.

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