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Mars, Venus & Cupid
Mars, Venus & Cupid - Sculpture Style Mars, Venus & Cupid - Mars, Venus & Cupid - Antiquités - Mars, Venus & Cupid
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26 000 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 2.99 inch X H. 11.42 inch X P. 3.54 inch
Sculpture  - Mars, Venus & Cupid 17th century - Mars, Venus & Cupid  - Mars, Venus & Cupid Antiquités - Mars, Venus & Cupid
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Mars, Venus & Cupid

S-German, 17th Century
Art Loss Register certificate: S00238682
CITES: 2023/BE02881/CE

H 29 x L 7,6 x P 9 cm
H 11 1/2 x L 3 x P 3 1/2 inch

The 17th century was a period rich in artistic expression and craftsmanship, particularly in the realm of sculptural art. One remarkable example from this era is a finely crafted ivory statuette originating from South Germany. This exquisite piece, portrays the Roman god Mars in armor, carrying Venus, depicted nude, with Cupid at his feet, playfully engaging with his bow and arrow.

The statuette is a masterful representation of skill and artistry prevalent in South German sculpture of the 17th century. Ivory, a material prized for its smooth texture and malleability, is used here to create intricate details that capture the essence of the depicted figures. The choice of ivory also reflects the luxury and high status of such artworks during this period.

Mars, the god of war, is depicted in full armor, symbolizing strength and valor. The artist has paid meticulous attention to the details of the armor, etching each plate and rivet with precision, lending a sense of realism and weight to the figure. In contrast, Venus, the goddess of love, is shown in her traditional nude form, embodying beauty and sensuality. Her delicate features and graceful posture are a testament to the sculptor's ability to portray softness and femininity, a stark contrast to the ruggedness of Mars.

At Mars' feet sits Cupid, the god of love, engaging playfully with his bow and arrow. This portrayal adds a whimsical and lighthearted element to the composition, highlighting the innocence and playfulness associated with Cupid. The intricate carving of Cupid, especially his playful expression and the detailed rendering of his wings and bow, showcases the artist's skill in creating lifelike and expressive small-scale figures.

The interplay of the figures in the statuette is rich in symbolism. Mars and Venus, often depicted together in classical mythology, represent the union of love and war, a theme that was popular in art and literature of the time. The presence of Cupid further emphasizes the theme of love and its omnipresence, even in the realms of war and conflict.

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