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Archangel Uriel, 18th century Cuzco School
Archangel Uriel, 18th century Cuzco School - Religious Antiques Style Archangel Uriel, 18th century Cuzco School -
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2 600 €
Period :
18th century
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 157.87 inch X H. 20.87 inch
Religious Antiques  - Archangel Uriel, 18th century Cuzco School
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Archangel Uriel, 18th century Cuzco School

He Cuzco School is a Catholic art movement that developed in Peru from the 16th century onwards, reaching its apogee in the 18th .
Artists were very active in Cuzco, the capital of the Inca empire, hence its name.
The art soon spread to other countries such as Bolivia and Ecuador.

Schools were set up by the Jesuits, who taught drawing and oil painting techniques based on European art. The style of this school was somewhere between the Baroque art brought by the colonists and Aboriginal art.
These are brightly colored canvases with religious themes.

Angels are very popular, especially Uriel, who can be depicted as a harquebusier or as an angel strolling with a youth and the sacred heart. The origin of the name Uriel comes from the combination of "Ur-" or "Our-", meaning flame and light, and the suffix "-El", which can be translated as God or divine. It comes from the valley of lights: the valley of Ur/Our.
God of light, Archangel Uriel symbolizes wisdom and faith. His main role is to guide souls who have strayed from the straight and narrow.

Naïve in appearance, observe the delicacy of the flowers and birds and the pure expression of the landscape.

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