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Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII
Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII - Furniture Style Louis XIII Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII - Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII - Louis XIII Antiquités - Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII
Ref : 108301
19 500 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 53.54 inch X H. 70.47 inch X P. 19.29 inch
Furniture  - Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII 17th century - Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII Louis XIII - Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII Antiquités - Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII
Antichità Castelbarco

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Prestigious Coin Cabinet Flande XVII

Prestigious coin cabinet in ebonized wood

Flanders, 17th century

Measurements: coin cabinet h.78 x 124 x 44 cm.
complete with the table h.179 x 136 x 49 cm.

We embellish the collection of works in our gallery with this rare example of coin cabinet, made by a Flemish master cabinetmaker of the seventeenth century.

It is a furniture of extreme refinement and elegance, expertly structured in ebonized wood, rosewood with applications and sculptures in gilded and chiseled bronze. The structure of this precious furniture is in walnut wood.

Focusing again on our furniture, one cannot but be struck by the exceptional design which, in full respect of the Baroque characters, follows a sumptuous architectural form, with the front projecting in the center, marked by four drawers on each side, which frame a door in the shape of a temple supported by 4 columns.

In the central portion of the door an exceptional temple architecture is proposed, supported by four spiral columns called Solomonic and bronze capitals with a niche embellished with a gilded bronze sculpture depicting the first of the twelve labors of Hercules, with the hero defeating the Nemean Lion.

The door on the front then gives access to an internal compartment, entirely finished and inlaid with the same spherical inlays that we find on the outside, and with various drawers of different sizes and an ancient central.

The drawers on the sides are highlighted by the shields on the locks, made of gilded bronze

The decoration of the sides is reduced to rhombuses made in inlay using fillets set in dark on light wood, an element that is repeated inside the chapel: the lid has this elegant geometric decoration, and so do the drawers it uncovers.

The hardware of the opening hinge is original.

The legs of the furniture have been carved in the shape of a bird's claw resting on a sphere, a typical habit of the 17th century.
The supporting table is in ebonized wood, with four turned legs joined by metal crosspieces.

Excellent storage conditions.

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We take great care We personally take care of the packaging, to which we devote a great deal of care: each work is carefully packed, first with arti- cle material, then with a custom-made wooden box.

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