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Anton Genberg (1862 - 1939) - Winter Landscape, 1919
Anton Genberg (1862 - 1939) - Winter Landscape, 1919 - Paintings & Drawings Style Anton Genberg (1862 - 1939) - Winter Landscape, 1919 -
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3 200 €
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Anton Genberg (1862 - 1939)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 39.76 inch X H. 28.94 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Anton Genberg (1862 - 1939) - Winter Landscape, 1919
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Anton Genberg (1862 - 1939) - Winter Landscape, 1919

Oil on canvas
signed and dated Anton Genberg 1919
unframed 73.5 x 101 cm
framed 84 x 111.5 cm

We are honored to present for sale a captivating winter landscape painting by Anton Jonsson Genberg, completed in 1919. This piece is a pristine representation of Genberg's artistry, known for his naturalistic depiction of the Scandinavian wilderness.

The work features a peaceful open brook in the foreground, meticulously painted with intricate and elongated brushstrokes that reflect the calm flow of the water. Following the waterline, a stand of birches emerges, almost glowing with a delicate lilac hue in the painting's twilight. Above, the sky is painted in an impressionist style, with broad strokes of white, blue, and lilac, creating a harmonious blend that captures the fleeting light of a Nordic winter.

The subject of the painting likely draws from the natural surroundings of Storängen in Stockholm, where Genberg resided in 1919. This painting is not only a visual masterpiece but also a piece of history from the artist's own life and surroundings.

Anton Genberg (1862-1939) was a celebrated Swedish painter, born in Östersund and later settled in Storängen, Stockholm. His body of work mainly features the landscapes of northern Sweden, particularly the mountainous regions. Genberg's education at the Technical School in Stockholm and the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.

Throughout his career, Genberg's exhibitions spanned across Stockholm, Berlin, St. Louis, Buenos Aires, and Munich, among others, highlighting his international recognition. He was also a significant figure in Swedish art societies, serving as the vice-chairman of the Swedish Artists' Association and a member of the board for the General Art Association of Sweden.

The artist's personal journey is reflected in his art. Genberg lived in the national romantic Villa Wallbeck-Hansen in Storängen, a location that inspired many of his works until he moved to a villa designed by architect Per Benson in 1924.

This painting is a testament to Genberg's legacy, embodying the serenity and beauty of Swedish winter landscapes. It comes with a finely crafted new black frame, which further enhances the piece's elegance. It is a significant addition to any collection, not only as a work of art but also as a slice of the rich cultural tapestry of Sweden, preserved through Genberg's exceptional talent.

Anton Genberg's works are held in the collections of several prominent museums: Nationalmuseum Stockholm, Helsingborgs Museum, Gävle Museum, Jamtli Östersund, Nordiska Museet

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