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Empire Period Gold Perfume Box
Empire Period Gold Perfume Box - Objects of Vertu Style Empire Empire Period Gold Perfume Box -
Ref : 107480
Period :
19th century
Objects of Vertu  - Empire Period Gold Perfume Box 19th century - Empire Period Gold Perfume Box

Opalines, jewels of charm, objects of vertu

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Empire Period Gold Perfume Box

Scent box, also called vinaigrette. Octagonal in shape, it is made of 18-carat gold. It has a quatrefoil guilloche decoration. The edges are chiseled with foliage arabesques in shiny gold on an amati background. It opens onto a gate entirely pierced with foliage. Hallmarks of Paris 1809-1819 and master goldsmith "EP" Weight: 22.5 g Dimensions: 3.2 cm

small sponge hidden under its grill, in order to revive the elegant ones prone to vapors. In vogue in the 18th century, this charming object was also in vogue in the 19th century, the corset compressing waistlines more than ever, to the point of cutting off breathing. Always within reach of high society women, it must be both discreet and elegant like a jewel. If its most anticipated form is that of the box or the small bottle, the beautiful accessory bends to all fantasies. It also houses perfumed essences to satisfy the coquetry of these ladies.



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