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Anders Loman (1879–1953) - Northern Landscape, 1913
Anders Loman (1879–1953) - Northern Landscape, 1913 - Paintings & Drawings Style Art nouveau Anders Loman (1879–1953) - Northern Landscape, 1913 -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Anders Loman (1879–1953)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 42.91 inch X H. 22.24 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Anders Loman (1879–1953) - Northern Landscape, 1913 20th century - Anders Loman (1879–1953) - Northern Landscape, 1913
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Anders Loman (1879–1953) - Northern Landscape, 1913

Anders Loman (1879–1953) Sweden

Northern Landscape, 1913

oil on canvas
signed and dated And.Loman 1913
canvas dimensions
framed 67.5 x 120 cm
unframed 56.5 x 109 cm

In the realm of early 20th-century Swedish art, Anders Loman may not have been the most widely recognized name, yet his talent is evident in this painting that echo both traditional Scandinavian motifs and avant-garde techniques.

"Northern Landscape" from 1913 is a prime example of this juxtaposition. At first glance, the canvas is dominated by imposing evergreens in the foreground. Their detail is painstakingly rendered, providing a stark contrast to the background. Beyond these trees lies a tranquil lake and distant mountains, but it is here that Loman's boldness in technique is most apparent. Inspired by the Pointillism movement, the background is rendered using short brush strokes, with the waters shimmering in shades of pink and lilac, and the mountains painted in soft blue and purple hues.

Yet, it's the sky that truly mesmerizes. A tapestry of rose, turquoise, and yellow, crafted with the same pointillistic technique, it bridges the traditional and the modern, drawing the viewer into Loman's interpretation of a Scandinavian landscape.

Loman studied at Valands målarskola in Göteborg from 1910 to 1913, it's likely that our painting was executed during this period of his academic journey. Beyond his academic endeavors at Valand, Loman's artistic vision was shaped by his travels — from the artistic epicenter of Paris in 1914, journeys through Germany, Austria, the rich cultural tapestry of Italy in 1921, to the Nordic nuances of Denmark. These experiences, combined with notable exhibitions like his solo shows in Falun in 1934, at Mässhallen in Stockholm in 1939, and participation in group exhibitions with Dalarnas konstförening at Liljevalchs konsthall in 1936, all contribute to the depth and diversity of his oeuvre.

"Northern Landscape" not only offers a journey through the pristine terrains of Scandinavia but also showcases the subtle brilliance of Anders Loman. His ability to weave traditional motifs with innovative techniques speaks of a talent that deserves recognition, no matter how underappreciated he might have been during his time.

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