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Oskar Bergman (1879-1963) - Pines in Evening Light,1939
Oskar Bergman (1879-1963) - Pines in Evening Light,1939 - Paintings & Drawings Style Oskar Bergman (1879-1963) - Pines in Evening Light,1939 -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Oskar Bergman (1879-1963)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil painting on wood panel
Dimensions :
l. 9.25 inch X H. 5.91 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Oskar Bergman (1879-1963) - Pines in Evening Light,1939 20th century - Oskar Bergman (1879-1963) - Pines in Evening Light,1939
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Oskar Bergman (1879-1963) - Pines in Evening Light,1939

Oskar Bergman (1879-1963) Sweden

Pines in Evening Light,1939
(Tallar i aftonljus, 1939)

oil painting on wood panel
signed and dated Oskar Bergman 1939
panel dimensions 15 x 23.5 cm
frame 24 x 33 cm
black hand made frame from 2023 by Stockholm Bildhuggeri is included.

A Swedish private collection.

We are thrilled to present a captivating oil painting by the Swedish artist, Oskar Bergman (1879-1963). This piece portrays an archipelago scene with water in the foreground and an island in the distance. The evening light illuminates the trunks of the pines on the island in a bright red, gives the rocks almost a bluish hue, and reflects both the trees and rocks in the water. Painted on wood panel in 1939, this artwork is executed in an impressionistic style, quickly painted with a lot of color, using both short and long brush strokes. The sky is also painted with much spontaneity, with colors like white, blue, and purple visible across the entire sky.

This unusual small oil painting reflects Bergman's profound ability to capture the essence of nature with a unique color palette and brushwork. Oskar Bergman's work has been increasingly sought after by art collectors in recent years, and museums worldwide have acquired his exquisite pieces. His most recent exhibition was at the Thielska Galleriet in Stockholm.

About Oskar Bergman:

Oskar Bergman was a prominent Swedish painter known for his landscape and genre paintings. Born in 1879 in Stockholm, he was largely a self-taught artist, although he did receive some formal training at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. Bergman’s work often reflects his fascination with the Swedish landscape, characterized by its detailed depiction of nature and atmospheric light. Throughout his lifetime, Bergman’s work was exhibited in various galleries and is now part of several museum collections.

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