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Alfred Ekstam (1878-1935)  - View Over Lake Mangen, circa 1925
Alfred Ekstam (1878-1935)  - View Over Lake Mangen, circa 1925 - Paintings & Drawings Style Alfred Ekstam (1878-1935)  - View Over Lake Mangen, circa 1925 - Alfred Ekstam (1878-1935)  - View Over Lake Mangen, circa 1925 -
Ref : 106546
5 750 €
Period :
20th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 31.89 inch X H. 21.26 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Alfred Ekstam (1878-1935)  - View Over Lake Mangen, circa 1925 20th century - Alfred Ekstam (1878-1935)  - View Over Lake Mangen, circa 1925
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Alfred Ekstam (1878-1935) - View Over Lake Mangen, circa 1925

Alfred Ekstam (1878-1935) Mangskog, Sweden

View Over Lake Mangen, c. 1925

oil on canvas
signed a tergo, A Ekstam
canvas dimensions: 54 x 81 cm (21.3 x 31.9 inches)
frame dimensions: 70 x 96 cm (27.6 x 37.8 inches)

A Swedish private collection

We are pleased to present a magnificent painting by the talented Swedish artist, Alfred Ekstam (1878-1935). This breathtaking landscape features a view over a lake, believed to be Lake Mangen, near Ekstam's hometown. In the foreground, a lush green field extends to the lake, which shimmers in hues of purple, blue, and white, reminiscent of Claude Monet's impressionistic technique of painting water. It is a sight to behold. The sky, filled with clouds, is also mirrored in the water, adding depth and dimension to the scene. In the distance, green mountains loom, completing this picturesque vista.

Alfred Ekstam was born in Mangskog in 1878, originally with the surname Johansson. He began his career as a painter's apprentice to a local master painter. After a few years, he moved to Stockholm to attend the Technical School, where his ambition to become an artist was ignited. However, finding it difficult to make a living as an artist, he returned to Värmland. Ekstam was a skilled craftsman and was discovered by Elis Eriksson at the Eriksson brothers' furniture workshop, where he was employed as a decorative painter. He also came into contact with notable artists such as Gustaf Fjæstad, Fritz Lindström, and Bror Lindh, who all provided lessons to the budding artist. A significant moment in Ekstam’s artistic journey was a visit to the artist Otto Hesselbom in Säffle, which greatly influenced his painting style. Ekstam's production was modest as he spent a long time on each painting, perfecting every detail. This dedication to his craft paid off in 1919 when all the paintings exhibited at his solo exhibition in Arvika were sold within a week. Tragically, Alfred Ekstam passed away in 1935 while cycling to Edane to visit an exhibition in Karlstad.

This particular piece showcases Ekstam's masterful handling of light and color, and his ability to capture the natural beauty of his homeland. It is not just a painting; it is a window into the serene and beautiful world that Ekstam saw through his own eyes. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of history and beauty, painted by an artist who lived and breathed the very scenes he committed to canvas.

When we acquired the painting, it was in desperate need of restoration. Dirt had become encapsulated in the varnish layer, evidently applied by someone unfamiliar with the proper technique. However, the artwork has since been meticulously restored and is now in excellent condition. Additionally, it includes a frame that was newly crafted in 2023.

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