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Hilding Werner (1880-1944) - Moonlight Over Krokvattnet (near Glafsfjorden)
Hilding Werner (1880-1944) - Moonlight Over Krokvattnet (near Glafsfjorden) - Paintings & Drawings Style Hilding Werner (1880-1944) - Moonlight Over Krokvattnet (near Glafsfjorden) -
Ref : 106169
7 800 €
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Hilding Werner (1880-1944)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 30.31 inch X H. 16.73 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Hilding Werner (1880-1944) - Moonlight Over Krokvattnet (near Glafsfjorden) 20th century - Hilding Werner (1880-1944) - Moonlight Over Krokvattnet (near Glafsfjorden)
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Hilding Werner (1880-1944) - Moonlight Over Krokvattnet (near Glafsfjorden)

Hilding Werner (1880-1944) Sweden

Moonlight Over Krokvattnet (near Glafsfjorden)
Swedish title: Månsken över Krokvattnet (nära Glafsfjorden)

oil on canvas
signed H.Werner
canvas dimensions 42.5 x 77 cm (16.73 x 30.31 inches)
frame 52 x 86 cm (20.47 x 33.86 inches)
frame is hand made by Christer Björkman.

Acquired from the artist by Ralph Almark; Thence within the same family until we acquired it 2023.

Hilding Werner (1880-1944) was a Swedish artist known for his portraits, romantic landscape paintings of Värmland, and caricature drawings. We are privileged to present one of his captivating works for sale - "Moonlight Over Krokvattnet (near Glafsfjorden)".

The canvas, a long piece measuring 42.5 x 77 cm, beautifully captures a scene near Glafsfjorden in Värmland, Sweden. The composition is thoughtfully arranged with land in the foreground, meandering water, a peninsula on the right, and blue mountains in the background. The painting virtually radiates the stunning moonlight that illuminates the scene. The sky, a blend of white and grey clouds, acts as a perfect backdrop for the moonlight that shines and reflects so beautifully on the water. There is a poignant, almost melancholy, atmosphere that envelops the scene. In the foreground on the right, a small red cottage adds a touch of warmth and a sense of human presence to the otherwise tranquil and solitary landscape.

Werner's talent in capturing the nuances of light and the natural beauty of the Värmland landscape is evident in this painting. The almost ethereal quality of the moonlight, the gentle reflection in the water, and the subtle interplay of colors create a mesmerizing and evocative image.

Born to the landowner Anders Andersson and Inga Maria Johannesdotter, Werner's artistic journey began at Caleb Althin's painting school in Stockholm in 1899. He also earned side income as a caricature artist for the newspaper Nya Nisse. His acquaintance with Richard Bergh led him to participate in the Konstnärsförbundet's (Artists' Association) second painting school in 1900-1901. Despite making only one study trip abroad to the Netherlands in 1905, Werner's artistry was influenced by other notable artists such as Gustaf Fjæstad and Otto Hesselbom, whom he encountered during his travels within Sweden.

Werner was one of the initiators of the Värmland Artists' Association and his art, including satirical drawings, was featured in a special exhibition by the Värmland Museum in 2015. He is also represented in the Värmland Museum's collection.

"Moonlight Over Krokvattnet" is not just a painting; it is a journey into the night, a dance of light and shadow, and a reflection of Werner's deep connection to the landscape of Värmland. Owning this painting is an opportunity to possess a piece of Swedish art history and the legacy of Hilding Werner.

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