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Icon Mother of God Iverskaja
Icon Mother of God Iverskaja - Religious Antiques Style Art nouveau Icon Mother of God Iverskaja - Icon Mother of God Iverskaja - Art nouveau Antiquités - Icon Mother of God Iverskaja
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9 500 €
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Klingert Iwan Gustavowitsch (1896-1916)
Provenance :
Medium :
Painted wood panel with gilded silver
Dimensions :
l. 10.43 inch X H. 12.4 inch X P. 1.3 inch
Weight :
2.8 Kg
Religious Antiques  - Icon Mother of God Iverskaja 19th century - Icon Mother of God Iverskaja Art nouveau - Icon Mother of God Iverskaja Antiquités - Icon Mother of God Iverskaja
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Icon Mother of God Iverskaja

Icon of the Mother of God Iverskaja wizh a silver gilded riza.

According to legend, the Mother of God Iverskaya is an image of Luke. The following is reported about the origin of the icon:
At the time of the controversy over the images, a pious widow, afraid of the emperor's henchmen, threw the image into the sea to save it. Standing upright, it swam away and surfaced 7O years later, on the coast in front of the monastery of Iwiron on the Athos peninsula. The monks, with the help of the hermit Gabriel de Ribera, brought the image to the monastery and placed it in the church. Every morning the icon was found under the monastery gate. The Blessed Mother commanded the hermit Gabriel to build a chapel for her under the gate, because, as she said:
"You don't guard me, I protect you"

According to another legend, a Saracen struck the image with a sword, causing blood to flow from the Blessed Mother's cheek. The heathen was so shocked by this that he entered the monastery as a novice and became a pious man. A replica of this picture came to Russia in the 17th century, where the subject became widespread.

The miraculous image kept today in the monastery of Iwiron dates from the
14th Century. The Blessed Mother holding Christ on her left arm. A red spot on her cheek.

The presented icon is made by a Moscow iconographer.
For the icon, a handcrafted gilded vermeil oklad with a rich silver filigree robe was made for enrichment. It bears the following stamps in the lower edge, in the silver filigree wall and in the nimbus.
Stamp of the Moscow inspection administration with the initials of the district administrator Ivan Sergeyevich Lebedkin 1896-1908.
Furthermore, the master's mark K. I. G. Klingert Iwan Gustavowitsch Son of Klingert Gustav owner of a factory for gold and silverware, founded 1865 to 1916

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