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Nymph of Diana
Nymph of Diana - Sculpture Style
Ref : 103966
25 000 €
Period :
20th century
Artist :
"J. RISPAL 1902" - Jules-Louis Rispal
Provenance :
Medium :
White Carrara marble
Dimensions :
L. 18.9 inch X l. 12.2 inch X H. 27.56 inch

Marble Sculptures from 1800 to 1950

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Nymph of Diana

Diana is a Roman goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature,
associated with wild animals and woodland. She is equated with the
Greek goddess Artemis.
The goddess Diane is one of the most represented divinity in
19th century sculpture. She is often depicted with a crescent moon
on the forehead, with a bow or accompanied by an animal. The
choice of representation of the artist depends mainly on the image
he wants to give of the divinity: the animal friend, the huntress or
the symbol of the moon.

Artist :
The sculpture is signed "J. RISPAL 1902" standing for the
french sculptor Jules-Louis Rispal (1871 - 1909). Rispal was born
in Gironde in Bordeaux in 1871 and was a student of Thomas.

He exhibited for the first time at the Paris Salon in 1893. He
won an honorable mention in 1899 and another at the World's
Exhibition of 1900. In 1901 he won a third class medal and finally
in 1902 a gold medal and a travel scholarship.

He is the author of various monuments such as:
- "Nymph of Diana", a monumental version of the present sculpture
found in the "Jardin de la Mairie" of Bordeaux.
- The Art Nouveau Low-Relief which acts as a sundial located in
rue Dubois in the second arrondissement of Paris.

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