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Presentation dish circa 1580,1630
Presentation dish circa 1580,1630 - Religious Antiques Style Renaissance Presentation dish circa 1580,1630 -
Ref : 102509
12 000 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
France or Netherland
Medium :
Chiseled bronze and brown patina.
Dimensions :
L. 17.72 inch X H. 14.17 inch
Religious Antiques  - Presentation dish circa 1580,1630 17th century - Presentation dish circa 1580,1630
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Presentation dish circa 1580,1630

This rare oval dish represents a banquet on the Olympics. These dishes are said to be watch or presentation dishes because they had only a decorative use, the depth of the decorations not intended to contain food.
They were arranged vertically on sideboards provided for this purpose, the quantity of watch objects (ewers, dishes, vases, etc.) being a social landmark of wealth and an indication of the tastes of the master of the house.
The carving work "carries" a rare and lively organization of the scene.
So there are three sets of decorations. The background behind the scene, the patterns have a low relief enhanced by carving. The foreground is in classic low relief and in the foreground a few figures practically in the round. There is undoubtedly a similarity with the Last Supper, here Zeus seated in front of dishes of food is surrounded by the Gods or demigods of Greek mythology, among others: Hermes, Pan, Janus, Hercules, Diana, Dyonisos, Hera. .... The first representations of Biblical scenes often borrow their descriptive organization from Mythology; until the Renaissance, the Last Supper (with Christ and his Apostles) also took place on a triclinium (as in the ancient villas) and not around a long table. The marli is entirely decorated with scenes from Mythology, one sees there for example Cerbère.

State :
Good original state, without holes or accidents, can be hung on the wall by brackets

Dimensions :
45 cm x 36 cm , deep : 4 cm.

Delevery information :

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