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14th century limestone head of a man
14th century limestone head of a man - Sculpture Style Middle age 14th century limestone head of a man -
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Period :
11th to 15th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 6.89 inch X H. 10.43 inch X P. 6.5 inch
Sculpture  - 14th century limestone head of a man
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14th century limestone head of a man

Although fragmentary, this beautiful head of a man shows a strong presence.
If its belonging to medieval times can be guessed from the treatment of the eyes or ears, it is above all the presence of serpentine locks that allows dating it to the 14th century. The presence of an unsculpted area above the hair on the left side, showing remnants of polychromy and gilding, could betray the existence of a headgear, perhaps a missing crown.

The style is close to the middle of the 14th century, certainly from a workshop whose Master could free himself from the norm by developing a very personal style, as is the case for the statues of the workshop of Ecouis or of the chapel of Rieux in Toulouse.
The slightly flattened face is reminiscent of a recumbent head, sculptures of "gisants" which also manifest this feature. However the neck shows that the head was slightly turned, which does not appear on the recumbent figures.

Restorations to the wick, eye and left ear.
Remains of polychromy, including that of gilding on the headdress.

Height: 18 cm - 26.5 cm with the base
Width: 17.5 cm - Depth: 16.5 cm

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