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Display stand By Luiggi Valadier Circa 1760
Display stand By Luiggi Valadier Circa 1760 - Decorative Objects Style Louis XVI Display stand By Luiggi Valadier Circa 1760 - Display stand By Luiggi Valadier Circa 1760 - Louis XVI
Ref : 101962
34 000 €
Period :
18th century
Artist :
Provenance :
Medium :
Chiseled gilt bronze, hard stones, ivory
Dimensions :
L. 11.42 inch X H. 9.84 inch
Decorative Objects  - Display stand By Luiggi Valadier Circa 1760 18th century - Display stand By Luiggi Valadier Circa 1760 Louis XVI - Display stand By Luiggi Valadier Circa 1760
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Display stand By Luiggi Valadier Circa 1760

This extremely rare object is placed on an architectural plinth base, consisting of a projecting plinth, a molding decorated with a leaf frieze. Four panels finish the base, they are decorated with a hollow frieze of winged women in sheath alternating cabochons of semi-precious stones (lapis lazuli, jasper etc ...), standing out against a black speckled background. The bearing of the emperor's bust is a complex assembly of volutes, hangings carried by two winged women in sheaths of trapezophorums, also adorned with stones.
A heavy garland of fruit surrounds the bust, which probably represents Augustus, sometimes treated similarly at the time.

Luigi Valadier (1726? 1785) was a goldsmith, bronzier with incredible achievements of wealth, mixing rare stones, bronze, sometimes gold, and in a way was the equivalent of a French merchant, he includes old elements in his creations such as antique cameos by example.
His unparalleled works are in the Louvre, in the Vatican Museum in particular.
We said that Valadier is alone in his art , only influenced by last works of the Bernin and Renaissance, Antique Roman era too.
Only one detail , the head of the twoo winged women is very leaning on the chest, this manner is unusual "tense posture" .
He worked for the greats of the time in Europe. Here our bust bears a head from the Renaissance period or perhaps even Antique. The drawing of the face, rough, brutal, tense, corresponds to aesthetic canons older than the middle of the 18th century.

For the little story ,during 1798 Napoleon I brought back to France the extraordinary "cameos Vatican collection" mounted on unheard bases by Luiggi Valadier, three years to do the travel and one part was lost, one part is in the Louvres and forgotten, one part was degraded, one part came back in Italy.
And it is said because "Napoleon I cameo adventure" that today Valadier works can still reappear and I think it is here the case.

The age (pre-convention object made before 2 March1947) and the tiny proportion of ivory weight (0.1%) in this object exclude it from the need for a CITES.
One declaration procedure will be attached to authorize its movement

Very good condition for this type of object, restoration of the upper edge almost invisible. Rare lack and tiny cracks of fine more tiny stones.

Height: 25cm, base: 29cm x 11.2cm

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