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Lipa Ariosta
Lipa Ariosta - Antique Jewellery Style Renaissance Lipa Ariosta -
Ref : 100954
Period :
<= 16th century
Provenance :
North Italy
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 2.95 inch X l. 2.36 inch
Antique Jewellery  - Lipa Ariosta <= 16th century - Lipa Ariosta
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Lipa Ariosta

Renaissance medal in bronze.
Italy, XVI century.
Mounted as a portable work of art by Iryna exclusively for our gallery. Solid silver mounting with flute.
The medal depicts on the obverse the portrait of Lipa Ariosta and on the reverse a winged figure crowning Venus lifting Love (Ref: Metropolitan Museum of Art).

This incredible bronze medal, a unique Renaissance piece from the 16th century, comes from northern Italy and depicts Lipa Ariosta, the second wife of the Marquis of Este and Ferrara, Òbizzo III. Upon his death in 1352, the Marquis left the administration of his states to his wife. Incredibly distinguished for her political skills, she is still remembered today as the founder of the "House of Este". The 'Enrich Lederer Collection', which belonged to the prominent Jewish family "Lederer", donated this precious object to the MoMA museum in 1986. Infact, the museum still preserves it today, although it is not visible to the public.

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