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18th century
Louis XV bergere

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Galerie François Paul Belliard

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The bergère was created at the beginning of the eighteenth century and has retained its popularity to the present day

The Louis XV bergère appeared circa 1725 and is a typically eighteenth-century piece of furniture. Borrowing the curved legs and flat back of the Régence bergère, the early Louis XV bergère is a refined version of the fauteuil à joue (literally with ‘cheeks’, the in-filled area between the arms and the seat rail). The Louis XV bergère is extremely comfortable and has generous and enveloping curves: it has a feather cushion and the section located between the seat rail and the arm support is padded, like the cabriolet armchair.

It retains the rocaille motifs of the Louis XV style: flowers, foliage, and scallop shells; this chair was made in different models: the marquise bergère is lower and wider to cater for the fashion for crinoline dresses, the bergère duchesse became longer (a chaise longue), and the bergère duchesse brisée was associated with a footstool with a low footboard called a ‘bout de pied’. The confessional bergère has a back with two wings, while the ‘gondola’ bergère does not.