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Allegory of winter - Workshop of Claude Deruet (1588 - 1660)
Allegory of winter - Workshop of Claude Deruet (1588 - 1660) - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIII
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Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on panel
Dimensions :
l. 16.73 inch X H. 20.87 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Allegory of winter - Workshop of Claude Deruet (1588 - 1660)
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Allegory of winter - Workshop of Claude Deruet (1588 - 1660)

Oil on reinforced oak panel. French school of the first half of the 17th centuryOur painting is an allegorical representation of winter: from a delicate female portrait, the painter transports us into the throes of the bitter cold. This season is usually represented by a character of advanced age dressed in rags, because winter is also associated with the end of life. Do we not speak of "the winter of life"? As for the miserable clothes he wears in general, they echo the fruitless agricultural crops of this season. The choice of a richly dressed young woman is therefore unusual. Thus, our lady with immaculate flesh, although covered by a heavy crimson coat with a fur collar, is standing by a brazier to warm herself. The scene also alludes to the fire of love smoldering in the alcove, fanned by passion and pleasure.

We have chosen to present this painting in a rare carved and silvered wooden frame known as Carlo Maratta, whose whiteness refers to the coldness of winter.
Dimensions : 38 x 27 cm - 53 x 42,5 cm with the frame

Claude Deruet (Nancy 1588 - Nancy 1660) is a baroque painter of the XVIIth century, native of Nancy. He was apprenticed to Jacques Bellange, official painter of Duke Charles III of Lorraine. He then studied in Rome where he was a student of Tempesta and the Cavalier d'Arpin. His work is varied: he paints many bust portraits, allegorical, mythological or religious scenes. Around 1623, Claude Gellée was his pupil. In vogue during his lifetime, and sought after today, Claude Deruet's painting is worth its charm and the preciousness of its subjects.

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17th Century Oil Painting Louis XIII