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Christ in ivory - France second half of the 17th century
Christ in ivory - France second half of the 17th century - Sculpture Style Louis XIV
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Period :
17th century
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 19.49 inch
Galerie Sismann

European old master sculpture

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Christ in ivory - France second half of the 17th century

You have to imagine this very beautiful Christ on the Cross in the center of an ordeal or isolated on a crucifix. The work takes up an iconography much appreciated in the 17th century, widespread both in sculpture and in European painting. Witness the famous engraving by François Girardon (1638-1715), the paintings by Philippe de Champaigne (1602-1674), as well as contemporary German engravings.
Of an imposing size, which is rather rare for an ivory figure of this time, Christ is represented alive, on the cross, the head devoid of crown delicately leaning towards the right shoulder. The body is seen from the front, with both feet placed side by side on the suppedaneum, which has since disappeared. The slight hip seems to fit the shape of the defense; the perizonium is masterfully sculpted in small and large waves of fabric that is agitated and creates a movement that contrasts with the sobriety of the powerful but fluid treatment of the anatomy.
Our object, remarkable for its size and its prodigious mastery of sculpture, provides us with an excellent example of the work of French ivory trees in the 17th century. This could have been done in Dieppe or more probably in one of the most famous workshops in the capital.

(Ivory declared according to the law in force relating to the ivory trade)

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