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Louis Cabié (1853-1939) - Saint-Pierre Point in Noirmoutier
Louis Cabié (1853-1939) - Saint-Pierre Point in Noirmoutier - Paintings & Drawings Style Art nouveau Louis Cabié (1853-1939) - Saint-Pierre Point in Noirmoutier - Louis Cabié (1853-1939) - Saint-Pierre Point in Noirmoutier - Art nouveau
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Louis Cabié (1853-1939)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on panel
Dimensions :
L. 20.47 inch X l. 11.61 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Louis Cabié (1853-1939) - Saint-Pierre Point in Noirmoutier 20th century - Louis Cabié (1853-1939) - Saint-Pierre Point in Noirmoutier
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Louis Cabié (1853-1939) - Saint-Pierre Point in Noirmoutier

Louis-Alexandre CABIÉ 
(Dol-de-Bretagne 1853 - Bordeaux 1939) 
The Point of Saint-Pierre, Noirmoutier 
Oil on panel 
H.?52 cm ; L.?29,5 cm 
Signed lower left, dated 1909 
Provenance: Private collection, Paris 
Louis Cabié, a renowned artist in France and particularly in the Bordeaux region, even during his lifetime, circulated in the great southwest throughout his life. A student of Harpignies, whose passion for vegetation in the manner of the Barbizon school can be found, he transcribed the simplicity of picturesque French landscapes until his death. Spectacular trees, forest atmospheres, places full of history, bewitching valleys, or even a landscape in its simplest form that he knew how to bring out a vital contrast? 
Yes, Cabié did not only concentrate on the coasts of the Arcachon basin and the rocks of Saint Georges de Didonne. He also worked on the ocean shore from the island of Noirmoutier and the very famous Bois de la Chaise. He seems to have discovered this island paradise in 1901 or 1902, the year he presented a very large format representing the same Pointe Saint-Pierre at the Salon. He offers himself with work, the 2nd medal. He will continue his visits under the warm lights of the island until the 1920s. He met many local artists, or "tourists" who came to sketch the shores and the Bois de la Chaise. In the work done in Noirmoutier by Cabié, we do not know of any view where the architecture and the hand of man appears. Only the twisted holm oaks whose dense foliage the sun tries to pierce are visible, or the coastline of the Saint-Pierre cove and its point. Cabié brilliantly takes up the challenge of maritime and island representation with a body of warm and summery works. 
We are looking for any work or information related to the artist to complete his biography as well as a catalog raisonné in progress. 

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