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Rare Greek Chamfron
Rare Greek Chamfron - Ancient Art Style Rare Greek Chamfron - Rare Greek Chamfron -
Ref : 98325
26 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 10.43 inch X H. 19.49 inch
Ancient Art  - Rare Greek Chamfron BC to 10th century - Rare Greek Chamfron  - Rare Greek Chamfron
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Rare Greek Chamfron

Greece, 4th-3rd BCE "prometopidia" extremely rare chamfron for military parade, to be fixed on leather or cloth. Bronze shaped by hammering to give an image of the horse's head, with cutouts for the eyes and reinforcements at the place of the veins. In the center there must have been an iron decoration, given the traces of rust. The blue patina would come from the oxidation of the bronze by the acid of the decomposition of the bones of the horse.
Similar pieces in the Getty museum .
From a German collection and later a Belgian one .

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