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Pierre-antoine PATEL (1648-1708) - Landscape of animated Roman ruins
Pierre-antoine PATEL (1648-1708) - Landscape of animated Roman ruins - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV
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Period :
17th century
Artist :
Pierre-antoine PATEL (1648-1708)
Provenance :
Medium :
Gouache on vellum
Dimensions :
l. 25.2 inch X H. 16.14 inch
Galerie Thomas Montsarrat

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Pierre-antoine PATEL (1648-1708) - Landscape of animated Roman ruins

Pierre-Antoine PATEL, called The Young
(Paris 1648 -1708)
Landscape of Roman ruins animated
Gouache on vellum,
H. 410 mm ; W. 640 mm

Related bibliography: Natalie Coural, Les Patel, Paysagistes du XVII esiècle, Ed. Arthéna, 2001, Paris.

Pierre-Antoine Patel was the son of Pierre Patel (1605-1676) who was himself a former student of Simon Vouet and nicknamed by Pierre-Jean Mariette the "Claude Lorrain of France". From an early age, he began his apprenticeship with his father, whose work would influence him enormously. His knowledge of the artists of the Northern School, such as Paul Bril, and his admiration for Claude Lorrain allowed him to paint a very idealized and particularly sensitive vision of nature, distinguishing himself from the more austere interpretation of Patel the Elder, Henri de Mauperché or Laurent de La Hyre. Little is known about his life and career, except for his tragic death in a duel.

In this gouache, unusual in its size, Patel continues the tradition of the animated landscape with all the architectural elements typical of his art and his imaginary world. He succeeds, thanks to his meticulousness, his finesse of execution and the colorful range of his tones of golden browns, greens, pinks and blues, in retranscribing the depth of his landscapes and in recreating a peaceful atmosphere of rare poetry. This gouache can be compared with a work of more modest dimensions in the Louvre: Paysage de ruines avec le Christ et la Samaritaine, gouache, H. 268 mm ; L. 400 mm, signed and dated: Patel 1692, (Inv R.F. 1958) (fig.1).

We thank Natalie Coural for confirming the attribution after examination of the work.

Galerie Thomas Montsarrat


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