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eccentric, ceremonial scepter representing god K - Maya
eccentric, ceremonial scepter representing god K - Maya - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 97877
10 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
MAYA - Mexico
Medium :
Beige brown flint
Dimensions :
l. 1.69 inch X H. 5.67 inch X P. 0.24 inch
Galerie Mermoz

Precolumbian art

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eccentric, ceremonial scepter representing god K - Maya

Ceremonial sceptre says eccentric, representing the God K seen from profile.
The body is schematized and ends in point. The hands are outstretched. The God is recognizable by his long muzzle and his cap composed of a torch of flame emerging from a frontal mirror. It is adorned, at the top of the head and at the back, with feathers whose angle of each notch suggests movement.
The back is decorated with a long set of feathers.

The origins of God K go far beyond the period of the final Preclassic. God of rain and lightning, he is also the god of genealogy which symbolizes the dynastic continuity of the rulers. There are several representations of kings or priests holding a sceptre with the effigy of God. This type of object was found near the body or in a votive cache.

Mayan artists transformed these primitive lithic tools into elegant stylized reincarnations of the sacred souls of the dead

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