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Ruins of the Vespasian Temple
Ruins of the Vespasian Temple - Sculpture Style Ruins of the Vespasian Temple -
Ref : 97339
2 800 €
Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 4.72 inch X l. 4.33 inch X H. 12.99 inch
Sculpture  - Ruins of the Vespasian Temple
Ladron de Guevara

Fine Art, sculptures and furnitures

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Ruins of the Vespasian Temple

Ruin model of the Temple of Vespasian after the original on the Forum Romanum in Rome made of marble.

Very popular and rare Grand Tour object in detailed execution from the middle of the 19th century. Especially architectural motifs were very popular with the educated travelers. The pieces were often made in cork, alabaster, bronze or marble. They were mostly displayed in the library or in the gentlemen's room and were intended to testify to the sophistication and education of the host.

The ruins of the Temple of the twins Castor and Pollux are offered separately.

Ladron de Guevara


Marble Sculpture