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Peter Klasen (né en 1935 )
Peter Klasen (né en 1935 ) - Paintings & Drawings Style Peter Klasen (né en 1935 ) -
Ref : 97168
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Peter Klasen
Dimensions :
l. 35.04 inch X H. 45.67 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Peter Klasen (né en 1935 )
Jean-François Regis

Furniture and Tasteful Objects

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Peter Klasen (né en 1935 )

Peter Klasen. Acrylic on canvas . born in 1935 in Lubeck is a German painter and graphic artist. He works the airbrush technique. he is the father of Narrative Figuration. he moved to Paris in 1959 rue de Clignancourt. Our painting dated 1978 corresponds to the series inspired by a work on confinement and a reflection on the Holocaust. She presents on large canvases painted reproductions of the backs of trucks, wagons, chains, marked with numbers, letters and visual warning codes. 116 cm X 89 cm Private collection

Jean-François Regis


20th Century Oil Painting