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Paul Madeline (1863-1920) "Walk Along the Creek," ca. 1910
Paul Madeline (1863-1920) "Walk Along the Creek," ca. 1910 - Paintings & Drawings Style Paul Madeline (1863-1920) "Walk Along the Creek," ca. 1910 - Paul Madeline (1863-1920) "Walk Along the Creek," ca. 1910 - Antiquités - Paul Madeline (1863-1920) "Walk Along the Creek," ca. 1910
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Paul Madeline
Provenance :
Medium :
Oli on board
Dimensions :
l. 18.11 inch X H. 21.65 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Paul Madeline (1863-1920) "Walk Along the Creek," ca. 1910 20th century - Paul Madeline (1863-1920) "Walk Along the Creek," ca. 1910  - Paul Madeline (1863-1920) "Walk Along the Creek," ca. 1910
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Paul Madeline (1863-1920) "Walk Along the Creek," ca. 1910

Oil on hardboard, signed lower left
Dimensions : H. 55 x W. 46 cm
(With frame : H. 76cm x W. 68 cm)

Born in 1863, Paul Madeline studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 1894, this painter, guided by the prevailing impressionism, was captivated by the beauty of the landscapes of the Creuse, where he would spend several months each year. He was one of the major figures of the Crozant school, whose leader was Armand Guillaumin. He died at the age of 57 and left a small but high quality production.

He exhibited at the Salon des artistes français in 1894, 1897 and 1899, and became a permanent member of the Salons d'Automne and the Nationale des Beaux-Arts. At the turn of the century, his success grew and he met Raffaëlli, Lebasque, Maurice Chabas, Aman Jean... the great painters of the time, with whom he founded "La Société Moderne" in 1908. The famous Devambez and Durand-Ruel galleries were invited. Around 1910, Madeline traveled in France, from Brittany to the south of France; he introduced in his compositions well-cast characters that are still very good testimonies of the French countryside at the very beginning of the 20th century.

Madeline's touch and palette are close to those of Armand Guillaumin. Madeline's world is delicate and subtle, and some of her works are close to those by Henri Martin. There is a remarkable light in Paul Madeline's paintings, and tones of greens and purples that are unique to him. He is on the border of impressionism and post impressionism.

The Salon des Indépendants devoted an important retrospective to him in 1926. Many of his works are kept in important museums: Paris (Musée d'Orsay), Châteauroux, Guéret, Museums of Fine Arts of Rouen, Limoges, Nantes, Nice, Pau, City Hall of Rouen, etc...

This work is in vertical format, which is rather rare for Madeline. The composition is very pleasant, with a bunch of trees off-center to the right, around which the path and the stream turn. The tranquil figures give this painting a peace and simple happiness. Nature, dear to Paul Madeline, remains the predominant subject. The condition of the painting is absolutely perfect, on its original support.

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