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piece of furniture with two bodies
piece of furniture with two bodies - Furniture Style
Ref : 96666
9 500 €
Period :
<= 16th century
Provenance :
France, Ile de France
Medium :
Walnut wood
Dimensions :
l. 42.13 inch X H. 70.08 inch X P. 20.87 inch
Galerie Gabrielle Laroche

Haute Epoque Fine Art

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piece of furniture with two bodies

This piece of furniture with two bodies rises on a lower part which opens with two leaves, whose panels, dimpled in a frame, are divided into four narrow rectangular panels, molded in cavetto with stron relief. These two leaves are separated by a movable central frame.
The lateral sides are composed in the same way, although the rectangular panles are wider. These panels are completely in the spirit of the decorative elements of furniture from the Henri II period, arourd 1570.
The upper body, set back, has a similar composition to the lower one. The architecture is, however, different. Indeed, the body is punctuated by two leaves with a fixed frame. The leaves are edged with two square-shaped panels, framed with moldings in high relief. The side panels are soberly molded.
Finally, the two keyholes have a pointed foliage pattern. The keyholes, locks, and hinges are all original.
The apparent sobriety of this cabinet, its harmonious proportions associated with its blond patina, make it a refined model from the Henri II period, probably Île-de-France or Val-de-Loire.
BOCCADOR Jacqueline, French furniture from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance  , 1996, Éditions d’art Monelle Hayot, Saint-Rémy-en-l’Eau.

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