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Anne-Marie Profillet (1898-1939), The Great Pheasant,  circa 1925
Anne-Marie Profillet (1898-1939), The Great Pheasant,  circa 1925 - Sculpture Style Anne-Marie Profillet (1898-1939), The Great Pheasant,  circa 1925 - Anne-Marie Profillet (1898-1939), The Great Pheasant,  circa 1925 -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Anne-Marie Profillet (1898-1939)
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 28.54 inch X l. 8.39 inch X H. 17.91 inch
Sculpture  - Anne-Marie Profillet (1898-1939), The Great Pheasant,  circa 1925 20th century - Anne-Marie Profillet (1898-1939), The Great Pheasant,  circa 1925
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Anne-Marie Profillet (1898-1939), The Great Pheasant, circa 1925

Anne-Marie PROFILLET (1898-1939)
The Great Pheasant or Chinese Pheasant
Proof in bronze with brown patina
Lost wax by Susse Frères Éditeurs in Paris, stamped on the front of the terrace.
Signed " Profillet " on the back of the terrace next to the stamp of the foundry.

France, circa 1925

Height : 18 in.
Length : 28 1/2 in.
Width : 8 1/2 in.

Anne-Marie Profillet is a famous animal sculptor and ceramist of the early 20th century. Born in Rennes, she moved to Paris to learn the rudiments of drawing at the Billoul art academy. At the same time, she took theoretical lessons at the École du Louvre. Eager to learn sculpture and to apply her book knowledge, she enrolled at the École des Beaux-Arts in the studio of animal sculptor Edouard Navellier (1865-1944). In 1928, she befriended François Pompon (1855-1933) - met at the Jardin des Plantes - who saw in her a great talent. He integrated her into the Group of XII created in 1931 with the collaboration of Jane Poupelet. This group of the "Twelve French animal artists" gathered disciples such as Carles Artus (1897-1978), Georges Hilbert (1900-1982), Paul Jouve (1878- 1973), Marcel Lemar (1892-1941), Gaston Chopard (1883-1942), Adrienne Jouclard (1882-1972), André Margat (1903-1997), Jean-Claude Baugnies de Saint-Marceaux (1902-1979), Georges Guyot (1885-1973) and finally Anne- Marie Profillet. Thus, the animal artists formed a large family, they met, organized exhibitions, constituted an avant-garde.

During her career as an animal sculptor, Anne-Marie Profillet was interested in very different types of animals, whether they were wild or domestic, exotic or domestic, dangerous and fascinating or banal and everyday.

In contact with François Pompon, her style evolved towards a more modern aesthetic, breaking with the aesthetic of realistic sculpture inherited from the 19th century. Like her master, she integrates in her works the economy of detail by reducing the volumes to their simplest expression.
In the Grand Faisan, we see that she eliminates superfluous details so as to keep only what is essential. The smooth, continuous forms do not stop the hand or the eye, which gives it a powerful dynamic. We also notice that the polished and simplified surface of the animal reflects the reflections of the light and reveals all the majesty of this animal.

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