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Large display cabinet
Large display cabinet - Furniture Style
Ref : 93251
18 500 €
Period :
19th century
Provenance :
United Kingdom
Medium :
Mahogany, ebony, boxwood, ivory, gilded bronze.
Dimensions :
l. 89.76 inch X H. 101.57 inch
Furniture  - Large display cabinet
Nathan Uzal - Deco

Sculpture and works of art

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Large display cabinet

Attributed to Jackson & Graham based on a design by Owen Jones.

Built in mahogany, with ebony veneer, boxwood and ivory inlays, accented with gilded bronze and carved wood elements.

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Our display cabinet is probably the result of the collaboration between Jackson & Graham, one of the most important English cabinetmaking firms of the Victorian era, specializing in inlays, which produced the cabinet, and Owen Jones, an architect who contributed to the evolution of furniture towards purer forms, who designed the project.

Nathan Uzal - Deco


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