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Finial of a ‘Master of Animals’ discoidal pin
Finial of a ‘Master of Animals’ discoidal pin - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 92952
16 500 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
Formerly in the collection of Capitan Patrick Pakenham (1922–2019), acquired in the 1960s or the 197
Medium :
Dimensions :
Ø 6.3 inch
Galerie David Ghezelbash

Ancien Art & Antiquities

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Finial of a ‘Master of Animals’ discoidal pin

This large example of a ‘pin’ disc was hammered; its decoration was obtained using the technique of
repoussage, and its details are incised. In the centre, a symmetrical composition depicts a bearded man
dressed in a long coat that is embellished with stars, belted, and has a band of woollen fringe along the
bottom. This individual is portrayed in the pose of the ‘Master of Animals’. In each hand, he holds an ibex
by its hind legs. These pins probably were votive objects because many of them were found inserted in the
walls of temples. Some hypotheses evoke ethnic and social markers, where the choice of iconography was a
simple sign of belonging to a group.

Luristan art, 9th–7th century BC

Galerie David Ghezelbash


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