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Triptych, Embriachi workshop, Venice, c.1390-1400
Triptych, Embriachi workshop, Venice, c.1390-1400 - Sculpture Style Middle age Triptych, Embriachi workshop, Venice, c.1390-1400 -
Ref : 92083
18 000 €
Period :
11th to 15th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Bones and wood
Dimensions :
l. 10.63 inch X H. 13.19 inch
Sculpture  - Triptych, Embriachi workshop, Venice, c.1390-1400 11th to 15th century - Triptych, Embriachi workshop, Venice, c.1390-1400
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Triptych, Embriachi workshop, Venice, c.1390-1400

This architectural portable triptych consists in a wooden frame richly decorated on its internal face with an alla Certosina marquetry and carved bone plaques embedded inside. The latter present, according to the traditional composition scheme of the Embriachi workshop, single-storey figures perched on a trapezoidal podium, crowned with a decoration of imposing scaffolded city facades.
The central section welcomes in its center a Virgin and Child, supported on both sides by the two pillars of the Catholic Church: Paul and Peter, identifiable respectively by their attributes which are the martyr's sword and the keys of heaven. The comparison between this composition and an Embriachi triptych from the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne highlights the serial character of the Bottega production. Indeed, we discover the same central plaque of the Virgin and Child, presented under a trilobed arcature surmounted by a gable capped with palmettes enclosing in their interval two spheres, but also those of Saint Paul and Saint Peter, presented on the Melbourne altarpiece in the side shutters. On our work, the latter welcome two plaques depicting the Virgin Mary on the right and on the left, Saint John the Evangelist. These reliefs take up the attitudes and postures usually found in the highly appreciated triptychs of the Embriachi workshop featuring the Crucifixion. It is thus possible to recognize similar plaques on the sumptuous triptych of the History of the Life of Christ kept at Palazzo Madama in Turin, but also on the Embriachi triptych of the Crucifixion kept at the Museum of Art at Duke University. [...]

Published work: Lequio, M., De bois et d'os: une sélection autour de l'atelier Embriachi, Galerie Sismann, 2021.
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