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Vladimirskaya Mother of God
Vladimirskaya Mother of God - Religious Antiques Style
Ref : 92028
18 500 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Tempera on panel
Dimensions :
L. 13.78 inch X l. 12.2 inch
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Vladimirskaya Mother of God

Icon: Vladimirskaya Mother of God
Russia, Moscow or Stroganov, first half 17th century

The Mother of God Vladimirskaya is one of the most famous icon types in Russia. In the icon, the Virgin carries the Christ Child on her right arm. With her left hand she gestures towards her Son. The Christ Child presses his cheek against his mother’s and is looking up at her. Mary does not respond to his gaze but looks past Him. The icon emphasizes the human aspect of Christ and the focal point is the intimate tie with his mother, against whom He is nestling.

The icon is painted in a highly refined and elegant style. The meticulous use of chrysography for the garments of the figures immediately catches the eye. The icon must have been painted in a prominent workshop in Moscow or within Stroganov circles. The Stroganovs, an extremely wealthy family of merchants, originated from Novgorod and later resided in Solvychegodsk. They had close ties to the imperial court and were strongly oriented towards Moscow. The best icon painters who were working in Moscow, were also invited to the Stroganov workshop in Solvychegodsk.

In the 1130s the prototype of the Vladimirskaya-icon was brought to Russia and installed in Vyshgorod near Kiev, but in 1155 Prince Andrei Bogoliubsky transferred the icon to Vladimir on the Kliazma and installed her in the Cathedral of the Dormition, where the icon was consecrated, acquired special renown, and given the additional name of Vladimirskaya. The icon became the foremost object of veneration in the Vladimir-Suzdal region and later throughout Muscovite Russia.

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