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Still life - 17th century Lombard school
Still life - 17th century Lombard school - Paintings & Drawings Style
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17th century
Paintings & Drawings  - Still life - 17th century Lombard school
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Still life - 17th century Lombard school

This exceptional painting refers to the hand of Angelo Maria Crivelli aka the Crivellone The subject and the vivid character of the brushstroke suggest attribution to the artist, also taking into account the countless similar compositions he painted . Active in Milan as a genre painter and documented from 1662 to 1730, Crivelli specialized in the depiction of animals, especially hunting and birds, inspired by the works of the Flemish Hondecoeter, Weenix, Snyders and Fyt. This can be considered as typical of the production and well comparable to those preserved, for example, in the Castello Sforzesco. The artist's pictorial technique is refined, rich in lacquers and enamels, of well calibrated thicknesses and rich in brilliance, according to an expressive precision already praised by Orlandi. These aspects contributed to the critical and collecting fortune of Crivelli, undoubtedly considered one of the best animals of 18th century Italian painting and it is no coincidence that he was in the service of the Savoyard court and of the Lombard nobility, by virtue of a decorative character with a remarkable scenic effect. Origin: Lombardy 17th century. Measures: 205x150H

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