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The music lesson - Albert Roosenboom (1843-1875)
The music lesson - Albert Roosenboom (1843-1875) - Paintings & Drawings Style
Ref : 91378
7 000 €
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Albert Roosenboom, Brussels 1843 - 1875 Brussels
Provenance :
Belgian school
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 10.63 inch X H. 13.78 inch
Jan Muller


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The music lesson - Albert Roosenboom (1843-1875)

Albert Roosenboom was a pupil of the well-known Belgian painter and sculptor Emile Meunier, who chose the life of laborers as his main subject. Unlike his teacher Roosenboom chose to depict narrating genre pieces. He often portrayed elegant women and children, often with very accurate fashion, interiors and daily lives of the 19th century. From 1869 Roosenboom would participate in exhibitions in Brussels, Ghent and London.

In this painting we can see two children practicing their musical talents. The boy on the left side is wearing grey-brown clothes, with vibrant red socks. He’s playing the piano with his left hand and holding up a baton in the air with his right. He’s carefully reading the notes of the song on the paper in front of him, trying to play as good as possible.
The girl standing next to him is wearing a white dress with light pink ribbons. She’s singing along with the piano’s song, carefully reading every note and line in her book.

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19th Century Oil Painting