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Seated women, Chinesco Culture, Mexico
Seated women, Chinesco Culture, Mexico - Ancient Art Style Seated women, Chinesco Culture, Mexico -
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Period :
BC to 10th century
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Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 11.42 inch X H. 12.01 inch X P. 7.87 inch
Ancient Art  - Seated women, Chinesco Culture, Mexico
Galerie 1492

Pre-Columbian Art

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Seated women, Chinesco Culture, Mexico

This is a statuette of a seated woman with her legs extended. The whole body is covered with a dark red slip. A creamy beige slip underlines the adornments she wears. The body as well as the face are very stylized. The face is reduced to its simplest expression. The eyes are slits in the shape of a coffee bean. The ears are round, the interior is highlighted by creamy beige paint. Note the rounded implantation of hair marked by streaks. The arms are in slight relief remaining on the body. She appears to be wearing a loincloth with a pattern of cream colored dots. A fringe of the same paint comes to hide the sex of this woman. A hole at the top and a dark spot are the markers for cooking: the hole to prevent the terracotta from exploding during cooking. And the black mark indicates that the flames came to “lick” the terracotta.
This type of statuette is known as the Chinesco style because of their Asian appearance. They are part of the group of so-called "Shaft tombs" cultures of the western states of Mexico.

Former Al Stendhal collection, California, 1960s.
Surface wear and broken-glued right leg (see x-ray) otherwise good conservation.

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