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Animated Landscape - Gaetano Vetturali ( 1701 - 1783 )
Animated Landscape - Gaetano Vetturali ( 1701 - 1783 )  - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XVI Animated Landscape - Gaetano Vetturali ( 1701 - 1783 )  - Animated Landscape - Gaetano Vetturali ( 1701 - 1783 )  - Louis XVI
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Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
L. 33.46 inch X l. 43.31 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Animated Landscape - Gaetano Vetturali ( 1701 - 1783 ) 18th century - Animated Landscape - Gaetano Vetturali ( 1701 - 1783 ) Louis XVI - Animated Landscape - Gaetano Vetturali ( 1701 - 1783 )
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Animated Landscape - Gaetano Vetturali ( 1701 - 1783 )

Oil painting on canvas measuring 85 x 110 cm without frame and 103 x 126 cm with frame depicting a landscape with figures and animals along the path.

In the work in question, depicting a large rural piece, the youthful poetics of Gaetano Vetturali (Lucca 1701 - 1783), the last epigone of the great Tuscan landscape tradition, is unraveled.
In this painting we can see the Arcadian research of the landscape with an atmospheric research that pervades the entire composition, as well as the realistic verve of some passages where the throbbing luminous charge dibventa way.

Vetturali was able to establish himself as one of the most interesting Tuscan personalities of the time, in that moment of transition from the late Baroque and Rococo culture to the neoclassical one precisely because of the turning point that he impressed with a certain genius on the decorative master of his time.

To further strengthen this thesis on the skilful pictorial art of the vectors, the characteristics of the pictorial rendering come to our aid in the use of a very luminous material, in the peremptory detachment between areas in light and those in shadow, in the execution of the lively figures that populate the theatrical scaffolding and in the rendering of the landscapes that we find identical in his most important paintings. examples of Venetian painting that in the field of architectural capriccio had singularly anticipated aspects of the neoclassical culture of the late 18th century, first with battaglioli and then with Visentini.

The main characteristics of this canvas are the airy breadth of the panoramas and the sense of diffused luminosity that recall the Pedon revisited with a neoclassical tone.

The episodes have no precise meaning, they are almost a rural pastime so dear to the artist with the usual characters from the repertoire of whims and views painters, or beggars, oriental abbots in contemplation of ancient tombstones or peasants looking for rest or at work naturally always immersed in the uncontested dominating nature and symbol of unity between man and life.

The landscape motif, even in the most imaginative lightings, always has a real inspiration in Vetturali and therefore a true and human dimension; in this painting we can see this green so bright and alive that it tries to explain to us how much the nature that is around us and in which we get lost is beautiful, strong, vigorous but at the same time sweet and docile.

It is wonderful to note how a tiny group of people is on the one hand busy in their duties but at the same time they seem lost in the serenity and tranquility of this landscape of the past.

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