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Venetian trumeau
Venetian trumeau - Furniture Style Louis XV Venetian trumeau - Venetian trumeau - Louis XV Antiquités - Venetian trumeau
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100 000 €
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Plated and inlaid wood
Dimensions :
L. 63.39 inch X H. 131.1 inch X P. 27.56 inch
Furniture  - Venetian trumeau 18th century - Venetian trumeau Louis XV - Venetian trumeau Antiquités - Venetian trumeau
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Venetian trumeau

Important and imposing Louis XV Venetian trumeau moved on all sides ascribable to the mid-18th century entirely veneered in walnut briar, walnut, inlaid with bois claire (maple, fruit wood, boxwood), original mercury glass, applications in finely chiseled gilt bronze.

Provenance: Italy - Venetian manufacture (Verona area)
Period: Mid-18th century

Dimensions: Height 333 cm x Length 161 cm x Depth 70 cm

The design of the cabinet is structured around the two bodies, the low one marked by three large drawers plus a calatoia, and the high one with glass doors concealing the shelves.

The lower body is moved both on the front and on the sides and is composed of an elegant calatoia slab entirely in walnut briar and centered by an artistic golden bronze nozzle with original key. The gentle and sinuous uprights frame it and descend until they join the wide stepped base with bracket feet. Three long and capacious drawers punctuate the rest of the lower part and are arranged on three levels also centered by artistic finely chiseled bronze vents. They are interspersed with the elegant presence of semicircular moldings in darker walnut wood.

The laterals are characterized by the presence of considerable reserves and very thin threads to mark the high graphic connotation of the trumeau. Accompanying you in the opening of the calatoia we notice the high skill of the craftsmen in the arrangement of the briar sheets aimed at creating subtle and refined geometries. We are shown four small drawers of beautiful curvilinear shape centered by small circular knobs in gilded bronze. In the center of the room we find a small chapeau de gendarme niche embellished by the presence of an admirable inlay depicting a shrub with vegetation.

Continuing with the gaze upwards we see two large doors in original mercury glass with grinding hiding four étageres inside them, the lower one slightly higher than the three above. Finally, the intriguing design of the wooden coping crowned by a leafy tangle culminating with a glass plate engraved with mercury depicting a scene of gallantry, the latter recurring theme of Rococo, is extraordinarily moved. Just below the cymatium stands an inlay depicting the Habsburg imperial coat of arms, a double-headed crowned eagle with a double sword (symbology borrowed and linked to the coat of arms and the flag of the Holy Roman Empire).

The trumeau in question seems to be a tribute to the walnut root that entirely envelops the entirety of the piece of furniture adapting to its soft lines. We point out that one of the peculiarities of the high Lombard-Venetian cabinet-making of the eighteenth century, in addition to the use of briar sheets, is the graphic-chromatic alternation of the darker solid wood frames (in other cases in ebonized wood) that well they are grafted with the base dominant, in this case the walnut root.

Overall, the piece of furniture is elegant and sumptuous proportions, in direct contact with the trends and influences of the style then prevailing in France, namely Louis XV, artificial, exuberant, triumphant. The trumeau was considered for a long time the piece of furniture par excellence in the rich aristocratic residences of the European nobility of the eighteenth century and until a few years ago many specimens reached exorbitant figures.

In good condition, in patina. For more information on the exhibited object and more specifically regarding a more comprehensive understanding of the state of conservation, we recommend that you contact us by phone.

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