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Equestrian Clash - Francesco Graziani (1680 - 1730)
Equestrian Clash - Francesco Graziani (1680 - 1730) - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XV Equestrian Clash - Francesco Graziani (1680 - 1730) -
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Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
L. 41.34 inch X l. 47.24 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Equestrian Clash - Francesco Graziani (1680 - 1730) 18th century - Equestrian Clash - Francesco Graziani (1680 - 1730)
Riccardo Moneghini

Old Master Paintings and antique furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries

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Equestrian Clash - Francesco Graziani (1680 - 1730)

Painting oil on canvas, measuring 105 x 120 cm without frame and 120 x 135 cm with frame, depicting a wonderful battle by Francesco Graziani (Naples 1680 - 1730).

This battle, painted with a characteristic chromatic - luministic application, is characterized by a frank and rapid stylistic code which is in turn characterized by an inventive essentiality and an executive immediacy; it is clear that the author's aims are concentrated on the pictorial act, with fully enjoyable results both on the exquisitely decorative and on the formal level.

This is a great work by Francesco Graziani called Ciccio Napoletano (Naples 1680 - 1730); this painting has a very important quality that is rarely found today on the antique market: of small-sized works by Francesco Graziani, in pairs or even singles, today we are able to find many, but of this size and beauty I do not have seen before.

I can add that the authorship of this work by Ciccio Graziani lies not only in the drafting of the work, in its colors and in its representation, but is confirmed in numerous works by the artist himself where, in any case, his imprint in addition to the expertise of G. Sestieri, he is the only great scholar of battles existing in Italy, author of two prestigious volumes such as The Painters of the Battles of 1999 and Pugnae of 2003; the only one able to seriously evaluate a battle painting obviously of some importance.

The same artistic sense can be found here in other works by the same painter such as The group of the eight battles which can be found in the civic museum of Deruta or in the aforementioned books by Professor G. Sestieri in particular in Painters of battles pag. 360-361 and in Pugnae pages 79-81.

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18th Century Oil Painting Louis XV