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Diane - 17th century Ivory sculpture
Diane - 17th century Ivory sculpture - Objects of Vertu Style Louis XIV Diane - 17th century Ivory sculpture - Diane - 17th century Ivory sculpture - Louis XIV
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Period :
17th century
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Dimensions :
H. 6.3 inch
Objects of Vertu  - Diane - 17th century Ivory sculpture 17th century - Diane - 17th century Ivory sculpture Louis XIV - Diane - 17th century Ivory sculpture
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Diane - 17th century Ivory sculpture

This figure of Diane is based on a drawing made by Charles Le Brun for the Great Commission in 1674 entitled "The four parts of the day". Among the four characters is "The evening or Diane" the iconographic basis of our sculpture.
It undoubtedly comes from the hands of a refined master who, using, like many sculptors, the drawing of Le Brun, interprets it with a great wealth of minute details. The refinement of the work brings us back to the Dieppe production of the 17th century, in all the fervor of the time of Louis XIV.
From the Middle Ages, the first elephant tusks from Africa were delivered to the port of Dieppe.
It was during the reign of Louis XIV (1643-1715) that the city specialized and became the city of ivory for everyone. The fame of the Dieppe ivoiriers is increasingly important, some even responding to orders from the royal courts, such as David Lemarchand, an Ivorian from Dieppe who left the city following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. To carry out their sculpture, the dieppe ivoiriers were inspired by models of sculptures and paintings by the great masters, sometimes interpreting their engravings. Small in size, ivory statuettes and figurines generally measure between 5 and 20 cm.
Sculptures with mythological subjects, such as the gods of Greco-Roman mythology, were made by ivory makers from the end of the 17th century and it was for these models, now very rare today, that they became famous.

H cm 16

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