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"Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907)
"Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907) - Sculpture Style Art nouveau "Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907) - "Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907) - Art nouveau Antiquités - "Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907)
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6 900 €
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Emile Laporte
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 11.81 inch X H. 33.07 inch
Weight :
25.5 Kg
Sculpture  - "Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907) 19th century - "Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907) Art nouveau - "Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907) Antiquités - "Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907)
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"Vénus" Emile Laporte (1858/1907)

Representation of Venus (Aphrodite) taking on the appearance of a seductive young woman lightly dressed, adorning her hair with a necklace of pearls. Large bronze statue of late 19th century signed Laporte, patina or aged with wearable wear and covers visible in the photos of details.
Emile Laporte sculptor and medalist, was born in Paris (1858/1907) student of Barrias, Dumont and Thomas, his works are presented at the Salon from 1881 to 1906, artist recognized by many distinctions including a silver medal at the World's Fair of 1900, his career was abruptly interrupted by his death at the age of 49.

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