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Medallion in iron representing a soldier - Spain, 16th century
Medallion in iron representing a soldier - Spain, 16th century - Curiosities Style Renaissance
Ref : 88764
Period :
<= 16th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
Ø 9.45 inch
Galerie Sismann

European old master sculpture

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Medallion in iron representing a soldier - Spain, 16th century

This painted and gilded embossed iron plaque is part of the Italian tradition of antique-inspired medallions featuring a profile figure, with clear contours, standing out against a smooth background like the celebrated effigies of Imperial Rome . During the Renaissance, these inset profiles were brought up to date and spread throughout Europe. The art of the bronze medal, very popular with the elites of the time, echoed it, as did that of the painted portrait, which in the humanist climate of the sixteenth century, more than ever exalted the Individual emancipation and testifies to his.
Here, this type is transposed to the heart of an ornamental medallion surrounded by a laurel wreath. In its center stands out the profile of a young man wearing a helmet adorned with plant foliage, adjusted under his chin by two knotted leather straps. Less intimate than ostentatious, this all'antica medallion is presented as an element of interior decoration. He might as well
likely to be a part of the enclosure of a chapel, gate or gate, in the spirit of the Spanish door frame kept at the Le Secq des Tournelles museum. Most of these fences having been dismembered or destroyed over the centuries, this medallion is an exceptional testimony to the art of the 16th century ironworkers.

Galerie Sismann