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Seated Buddha
Seated Buddha - Asian Works of Art Style Seated Buddha - Seated Buddha -
Ref : 88395
16 000 €
Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Gilded bronze
Dimensions :
l. 27.56 inch X H. 39.37 inch X P. 17.72 inch
Asian Works of Art  - Seated Buddha 19th century - Seated Buddha
Galerie Samarcande

Ancient art, Islamic world, Asian art

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Seated Buddha

He sits in a "noble" attitude, his right leg folded over the left leg. An absolutely fundamental moment of Buddhism, he then brushes the ground with the tips of his fingers and sketches the gesture of "Taking the earth as a witness" (bh?mispar?a mudr?). He thus shows his good faith in having taken an oath to bring deliverance to all beings. It rests on a base representing a lotus flower.

A lot of introspection and serenity emanate from this Buddha. There is harmony in the proportions of the body and in the features of the face. The browbones extend to the bridge of the nose, the hair is spiked, well defined and regular. The cranial protuberance is enriched with the beautiful flame, symbol of the spiritual strength of the Blessed One. The heavy eyelids, finely drawn, show the meditative state of the Buddha from which emanates great calm.

Thailand, 19th, Ratanakosin style

Gilded bronze, some wear and lack of gilding but it is overall in good condition, the eyes are inlaid with mother of pearl.

Height: circa 1 m, width circa 70 cm, depth 45 cm

It was owned by an Italian collector from the 1970s.

Galerie Samarcande

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