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"Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914)
"Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914) - Sculpture Style Art nouveau "Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914) - "Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914) - Art nouveau Antiquités - "Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914)
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914)
Provenance :
Medium :
Bronze and ivory
Dimensions :
l. 2.56 inch X H. 9.45 inch X P. 2.95 inch
Sculpture  - "Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914) 20th century - "Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914) Art nouveau - "Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914) Antiquités - "Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914)
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"Jehanne la Sainte" Prosper d'Epinay (1836/1914)

"JEHANNE LA SAINTE" ancient cast iron chryselephine statuette (golden bronze, ivory face) produced in the early 20th century (circa 1920) after the work of Prosper d'Epinay, depicting Joan of Arc in armour with her hands on the pommel of her sword. Very nice state of presentation, original gilding, slight oxidation visible in the photos.
The original work "Jehanne au Sacre" life-size, silver bronze armour, huque (dress) marble of Siena, and lily flowers encrusted with lapis lazuli was installed in the cathedral of Reims for the celebrations of the beatification of Blessed Joan of Arc in July 1909. Various replicas of marble, bronze, plaster can be found in churches, museums and gardens: Dijon, Bourges, Vaucouleurs, Ars... (Doc Bernard Mugnier the Johannique Statuary)
Charles Adrien Prosper d'Epinay (Port-Louis 1836 / Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire 1914) belonging to one of the oldest families in Brittany, orphaned at the age of 20 studied in Paris with Dantan young, in Rome the sculptor Amici is his teacher, he exhibited at the Salon from 1874 to 1902, in 1864 a commission from the Duke of Luynes "Innocence" contributes to his notoriety, numerous awards and distinctions have confirmed the talent of this sculptor.

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