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A Magnificent Teotihuacan Mask
A Magnificent Teotihuacan Mask - Ancient Art Style A Magnificent Teotihuacan Mask -
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55 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 6.22 inch X H. 6.18 inch X P. 2.76 inch
Ancient Art  - A Magnificent Teotihuacan Mask
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Pre-Columbian Art

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A Magnificent Teotihuacan Mask

This mask presents all the features of the Teotihuacan masks : a stylized human face, an open mouth with fleshy lips. Please note the ovoid eyes once inlaid with the lids marked in ochre by the remains of the iron oxide of these attachments.
The rectangular shaped ears have perforated lobes which allowed the suspension of different types of ornaments.

Recent studies suggest that these often heavy stone faces were used in quotidian rituals as centerpieces, like the masks in theater incensarios.
The city of Teotihuacan flourished from 100 to 650 A.D. and deeply influenced their neighbors and their successors.
The name of the City is a designated by a Nahuatl word (the Aztec spoken language) meaning "place where gods were born".

This mask was in the collection of Allan Stone (1932-2006). Collector but also dealer in Contemporary art and Tribal arts, Allan Stone was a man of eclectic taste "A stocky man with an expansive personality and a booming voice" according to the New York Times. (Roberta Smith, Dec 18, 2006, The New York Times).

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