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The bridge of Avignon - Paul Leduc (1876-1943)
The bridge of Avignon - Paul Leduc (1876-1943) - Paintings & Drawings Style The bridge of Avignon - Paul Leduc (1876-1943) - The bridge of Avignon - Paul Leduc (1876-1943) -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Paul Leduc (1876-1943)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 62.99 inch X H. 47.64 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - The bridge of Avignon - Paul Leduc (1876-1943) 20th century - The bridge of Avignon - Paul Leduc (1876-1943)
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The bridge of Avignon - Paul Leduc (1876-1943)

This huge size painting on canvas is one of the master pieces of the post impressionistic painter Paul Leduc.
Born in La Louvière 1876 and died in Schaarbeek in 1943.
Signed left below Paul Leduc and signed a second time on a label on the back.
The painting measures 121 on 160.
Housed in a original frame measuring 146 on 185 cm.
Without any doubt this is one of the most important works of the artist.
The Pont Saint-Bénézet , also known as the Pont d'Avignon is a famous medieval bridge in the town of Avignon, in southern France.
A wooden bridge spanning the Rhône between Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and Avignon was built between 1177 and 1185. This early bridge was destroyed forty years later in 1226 during the Albigensian Crusade when Louis VIII of France laid siege to Avignon. Beginning in 1234 the bridge was rebuilt with 22 stone arches. The stone bridge was about 900 m long and only 4.9 m in width. The bridge was abandoned in the mid-17th century as the arches tended to collapse each time the Rhône flooded making it very expensive to maintain. Four arches and the gatehouse at the Avignon end of the bridge have survived. The Chapel of Saint Nicholas which sits on the second pier of the bridge, was constructed in the second half of 12th century but has since been substantially altered. The western terminus, the Tour Philippe-le-Bel, is also preserved.
The bridge was the inspiration for the song Sur le pont d'Avignon and is considered a landmark of the city. In 1995, the surviving arches of the bridge, together with the Palais des Papes and Cathédrale Notre-Dame des Doms were classified as a World Heritage Site.

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