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Wooded Landscape - Hobbema Meindert (1638 - 1709)
Wooded Landscape - Hobbema Meindert (1638 - 1709) - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV Wooded Landscape - Hobbema Meindert (1638 - 1709) - Wooded Landscape - Hobbema Meindert (1638 - 1709) - Louis XIV Antiquités - Wooded Landscape - Hobbema Meindert (1638 - 1709)
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Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
L. 37.4 inch X l. 47.24 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Wooded Landscape - Hobbema Meindert (1638 - 1709) 17th century - Wooded Landscape - Hobbema Meindert (1638 - 1709) Louis XIV - Wooded Landscape - Hobbema Meindert (1638 - 1709)
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Wooded Landscape - Hobbema Meindert (1638 - 1709)

The painting, oil on canvas measuring 95 x 120 cm without frame and 115 x 140 cm with beautiful period frame, is a beautiful example of the art of Hobbema Meindert (Amsterdam 1638 - 1709), contemporary Dutch painter of Jacob Van Ruisdael, from whom he is strongly influenced.

Since 1660 his activity has been carried out in Amsterdam, a city which, next to Haarlem was one of the most important centers for landscape painting, increasingly characterized in a natural sense and aimed at rendering atmospheric effects that are very well expressed in the representation of marine and woods.

Hobbema prefers the latter and represents them with many views and a full and strong sunlight that pierces the shadow reaching suggestive contrast effects.

A particular feature of the artist's paintings are the slender trees along paths that run towards the heart of the forest, casting long shadows on the ground and cutting their branches moved by the wind against a blue sky crossed by white and foamy clouds.

Equally recurrent, the dry vegetation, the broken trunks and the large roots that almost always appear in the foreground, giving a sense of uncultivated wilderness: a solitary and unexplored nature that of Hobbema, which welcomes few characters, some hunter or traveler, silent presences human beings within a majestic nature.

The splendid painting examined here represents very well all these stylistic elements, also offering us a sample of the artist's refined technical expertise in the description of the details, the most diverse shapes of the trees of the vegetation, the fronds dotted with touches of light, the house in distance on the left rendered at the tip of the brush, through a smooth and compact painting and a chromatic palette played on green, gray, yellow and blue stamps.

An analytical eye, typically Nordic, which is perfectly reconciled with the airy sense of the view that from its raised point of view welcomes distances where, in an open valley, the dramatic tangle of light in the vegetation of the forest seems to calm down and in which the vision sharp close-ups gives way to fading effects.

Beyond the individual figurative elements, however, it is the sense of depth and the luministic score that really strike in this landscape, real and surreal at the same time.

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