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Medallion depicting SOFOCLE
Medallion depicting SOFOCLE - Decorative Objects Style Empire
Ref : 87608
9 000 €
Period :
19th century
Dimensions :
Ø 17.32 inch
Decorative Objects  - Medallion depicting SOFOCLE
Galerie Francesco De Rosa

Objets d’art, sculpture, pendules, furniture

Medallion depicting SOFOCLE

Large medallion (diameter 44 cm.) In burnished and gilded bronze depicting SOFOCLE, signed Troschel (1896-1863).

Julius Troschel is one of the twelve children of Ernst Leberecht Troschel (1776-1850), legal advisor and Sunday painter.

He became a pupil of Christian Daniel Rauch in 1824 and in the same year he presented a bas-relief depicting Theseus. In 1833 he received the State Prize for his bas-relief Telemachus asks Ulysses to spare Phémios's life, which also means obtaining a scholarship to make a study trip to Rome. He applied for a place at the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts in 1837, unsuccessfully, and then remained the rest of his life in Rome, after marrying Vittoria Buti.

Troschel is the author of numerous bas-reliefs and statuettes on themes of mythology and genre scenes, as well as portraits of busts and some funeral orders. His son, Wilhelm Troschel, also a future sculptor, was born in Rome in 1844.

Galerie Francesco De Rosa

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