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A cavalerie attack - Pieter Meulener (1602-1654)
A cavalerie attack - Pieter Meulener (1602-1654) - Paintings & Drawings Style A cavalerie attack - Pieter Meulener (1602-1654) -
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Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Flanders, Antwerp
Medium :
Oil on copper
Dimensions :
l. 15.35 inch X H. 9.45 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - A cavalerie attack - Pieter Meulener (1602-1654) 17th century - A cavalerie attack - Pieter Meulener (1602-1654)
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A cavalerie attack - Pieter Meulener (1602-1654)

Pieter Meulener or Peter Meulenaer (Antwerp, baptised 18 February 1602 – Antwerp, 27 November 1654), Antwerp), was one of the leading Flemish painters of battle scenes in the mid-17th century. He also painted landscapes with genre scenes. Pieter Meulener was born in Antwerp as the son of genre painter Jan de Meuleneer and Elizabeth Floris. He was baptised on 18 February 1602 in Antwerp Cathedral.
Since no early dated works have been discovered, it is likely he initially assisted his father in his workshop. He started out on his own account in 1642.
He was successful as he was able to rent a luxurious residence.
He was able to establish a reputation as a leading battle painter of battles but was also known for his landscapes.
His works can be found in leading museums including the Prado Museum, the Hermitage Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Louvre.
His battle scenes depict cavalry skirmishes, attacks on military convoys and on travellers, depicting those subjects from the Flemish side in the Eighty Years' War and the Thirty Years' War. His preferred theme was cavalry engagements and his usual way of representing these was to place a dense cavalry skirmish in a certain area of the composition. Whereas some Flemish war artists such as Peter Snayers painted battle scenes which depicted real battles in a topographical and analytical manner, Meulener only aimed to represent the battles in a general form. His battle scenes show similarities with those of Sebastiaen Vrancx, the first Flemish artist to attempt this subject matter. Some historians believe Meulener may have studied under Vrancx.
His palette is closer to that of Peter Snayers, who studied under Sebastiaen Vrancx.

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