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Tapestry by  Jean Lurçat "Pâques 1962", atelier Goubely
Tapestry by  Jean Lurçat "Pâques 1962", atelier Goubely - Tapestry & Carpet Style
Ref : 87312
23 400 €
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Jean Lurçat
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 48.03 inch X H. 87.4 inch

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Tapestry by Jean Lurçat "Pâques 1962", atelier Goubely

Aubusson Tapestry woven by the Atelier Goubely
Title: "Easter 1962"
Tapestry signed Jean Lurçat
Dimensions: 150 x 222 cm
Condition: Perfect

Lurçat's work shows a specifically decorative art of image making, in a very personal, cosmogonic, symbolic iconography (sun, planets, zodiac, 4 elements ...) plant, stylized, animal (roosters, butterflies, chimeras ...).
stand out against a background without perspective (deliberately far from the painting).

The title of this tapestry "Easter 1962" corresponds to the date of creation of the cardboard, rather than its subject, which remains very traditional for the artist: earth and air, butterfly and salamander.

In 1962, the glory of Lurçat is at its height, the orders, public as well as private affluent, and he exhausts himself there, while he tries simultaneously to carry out "the Song of the World".

Perhaps, in this exhausting debauchery of energy, he wishes to interrupt the course of time, by dating this tapestry?




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